Dancing police cop in Philippine

Dancing police cop in Philippine MANILA: A 54-year-old Filipino traffic officer has become a street sensation as he delights drivers and pedestrians with his unique dance moves when directing traffic in Metro Manila.

Ramiro is an ordinary traffic police working on the crossing of Edessa Street and Macapagal Street in Pasay City, he is now famous among traffic police in the area.

Waving his hands for drivers to pass through, rotating his body while observing the vehicles passing, and sometimes a wiggle of the hips. With his dance moves he always keeps the traffic in order.

At 54 years old, Ramiro has worked as a traffic policeman for 6 years. Without fail he goes to work at 7:00 every morning, Monday to Friday, for 7 hours. Though very strenuous, he says he will always love his job and hopes to help those in need.

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