Crocodile sinks teeth into Aussie dentist

Crocodile sinks teeth into Aussie dentist PERTH: An Australian dentist has survived an attack by a large saltwater crocodile after it leapt into his boat and clamped its teeth around his shoulder.

Bruce Rudeforth was fishing at Secure Bay in the north of Western Australia when the croc pounced, the West Australian newspaper reported Tuesday.

"Out of the corner of my eye, this thing came at me," Rudeforth said.

"It bit into my shoulder and I stood up and gave it one in the throat with my free elbow. I presume that's what made it let go."

The crocodile disappeared underwater but returned again, forcing the dentist and his fishing mate to fend it off with an oar.

Rudeforth, who suffered puncture wounds from the reptile's teeth, said he had fished in the area for years and often saw crocodiles, but they never attacked.

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