Trial Court to decide Davis immunity: LHC

Trial Court to decide Davis immunity: LHC LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) has dismissed the petitions pertaining to the diplomatic immunity issue of the arrested CIA contractor Raymond Davis, as the foreign ministry submitted that they have no record of his diplomatic immunity, Geo News reported.

Deputy Attorney General, Naveed Enayet Malik submitted the foreign ministry’s reply stating, “Raymond Davis’s correct name is Raymond Allen Davis to whom business visa was given on the U.S. government request.” Following the incident, the U.S. embassy approached the foreign ministry for immediate release of Raymond Davis possessing diplomatic passport.

Deputy Attorney General said that the foreign ministry was fully aware of the rule of law and their responsibility and added that whatever record available relating to Raymond Davis would be submitted in the court.

The petitioner, Azhar Siddique Advocate raising an objection said, “Why was the government hesitant in giving a categorical statement relating to the immunity or of Raymond Davis.”

Deputy Attorney General said that as the trial court was already hearing this case, the decision on immunity would also be taken by the court in accordance with the law.

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