New iPad Release Date

Who knew that a mere tablet PC could endow you with a fluttering peek of what does it feel like to hold the entire world in your hands? Who had an idea that it'd shush those inutile evaluators who harbored suspicion about it being a perfect replacement for laptops? While Android is having its nose to grindstone, having set out more than 80 tablets to kill the miracle called the Apple iPad, the developers of iPad repose in snugness, for the next generation iPad, the Apple iPad 2, is already seen in the cards. On January 27, 2010, the Apple fever among tech-savvies took a flight, for the first generation iPad broke through and how! Needless to say, it became a madness, a trend, a course, and of course, a must-have for every Apple lover. People anxiously waited for it to hit the stores, so that only once they could hold the beautiful king of tablets in their palm. To kick the bewilderment up a notch, that's happening again. Yes, you'll soon have in hand the new iPad, release date (2011) of which is set sometime in spring. That is to say, it's just round the corner, if the juicy iPad 2 rumors are to be presumed true. But what to expect from the new iPad 2? Today, let's draw something out of the interesting back-fence talks about the miracle that is soon going to take people's breaths away.

What is the New iPad Release Date

Rumors, rumors. Speculations on the Apple iPad 2 release date suggest that since iPad is being subjected to a considerable rise in the competition within the tablet market, it could launch the new iPad 2 quite soon. Tablets such as Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab (refer to Galaxy Tab vs iPad) have started to develop a good fan base, and are already being christened as the 'iPad killers'. Hence, it is extremely important for Apple to treat its fans with the iPad 2 at the earliest.

Another reason for Apple devotees to fervently expect the company to pass the word regarding when is the new iPad coming out is that since the first generation iPad was released in January, 2010 and shipped during Spring, chances are, something of similar sort could happen this year too. Hey, it's almost spring, innit? Tech veterans speak of the new iPad as something which is earnestly awaited, and hence, the sooner Apple launches it, the better it is for the company. After all, distractions, my friends, aren't good, or are they?

New iPad 2: What to Expect

If the buzz that's zooming with regards to when is iPad 2 coming out and what's new in it is to be believed, then you have all the reasons to buy this beautiful tablet, for Apple developers have read minds of their users. There was a reason the iPad market witnessed turbulence. It was because of the absence of a camera in the first generation iPad. Well, to save itself from witnessing users switching loyalties, rumors rife that the iPad 2 might have two cameras (8 MP or 10.2 MP back camera, and a front camera for video conferencing). That is believed to not only kick the iPad experience up a notch, but will also get Apple maximum hold of video conferencing-freak customers.

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