More than 1.4mn people facing hearing problems

More than 1.4mn people facing hearing problems KARACHI: More than 1.4 million people in the country are facing hearing problems due to a sharp increase in noise pollution and radiations that are emitted by mobile phones and computers, experts said at the 48th Medical Symposium of Jinnah Hospital on Tuesday.

They said blowing of pressure horns by drivers in traffic jams and long usage of cellular phones is perilous for the hearing senses of people. Furthermore they said problems in hearing clearly, persistent pain in ears and nasal congestions should not be taken lightly and an immediate medical attention should be sought for these complain.

Talking exclusively to PPI, Head of ENT Department at Jinnah Hospital Prof. Tariq Rafi apprised that an escalation in noise pollution has led to a sharp rise in the number of patients relating to hearing problems. He said that a rise of 7 percent every year on the average is witnessed among patients with the said problem.

He urged the government to impose a ban on the usage of pressure horns in vehicles as they are posing a big threat to the general public. He also said people who are already facing hearing problems, are even at a greater risk of losing their hearing powers.

Principal Sindh Medical College and ENT specialist Prof. Umer Farooq apprised that, sometime back, hearing problems were mostly reported by adults but now children are also complaining about the problem. However, Prof. Farooq held computer games, played with earphones, as the major reason for hearing related problems among children.

Incharge Dental Department Dr. Abid Mehmood apprised that mouth cancers are also being reported which are mostly caused by the smoking and chewing of tobacco. He urged the authorities to impose a ban on smoking as has been imposed on the consumption of drugs.

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