Killer of Two U.S. Airmen in Germany May Have Acted Alone

The investigation into the shooting deaths of two U.S. Airmen is still ongoing at this time, but officials seem to be leaning toward the theory that the gunman acted alone. Information has surfaced leading authorities to believe that the shooter was a recently radicalized Islamist who acted on his own to kill American troops. Ironically, it is believed that the man is an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, a nation that is generally very supportive of the U.S. because of its role in helping Kosovo separate from Serbia.

"The suspect is accused of killing two U.S. military personnel and seriously injuring two others," federal prosecutors said in a statement. "Given the circumstances, there is a suspicion that the act was motivated by Islamism."

The two injured Airmen are still in the hospital at this time, with at least one of them in critical condition, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. The investigation is continuing, with police speaking with family and friends of the shooter to try to determine his motives and if any other people were involved in the planning or execution of the attack.

In related news, U.S. General David Petraeus issued an apology for an errant attack by coalition forces that killed nine Afghan children who were gathering firewood.

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