Justin Bieber's Hair Sells for $40,000 on eBay

You have to hand it Justin Bieber. Whether you like his music or his image, the kid seems to have his heart in the right place. After recently raising millions for charity by asking fans to donate $17 to a water organization in honor of his 17th birthday, Bieber and Ellen have now collaborated on a quick-hit $40,000 boon for another charity. After recently cutting his famous locks, Bieber appeared on the Ellen show and gave her some of his hair. The winning bid on eBay was in excess of $40,000!

That is one serious Justin Bieber fan, or possibly someone who is going to try to use the DNA in the hair to clone the Biebs. Either way, what a great use of his incredible fan appeal. Instead of pushing harder to increase his fame and build his brand, Bieber is using his fame to call others to action on behalf of good causes. Obviously, many celebrities do outstanding charity work, but Bieber is only 17 years old and is in the midst of an amazing streak of success and fame. It would be understandable if his focus was on an upcoming album or tour. Instead, he's taking the time to make an immediate impact.

Kudos to his parents and the people who have helped to develop what appears to be a very stable and mature teenager. His actions at such a young age will have an even greater impact as a result of the example that he is setting for legions of young fans around the world.

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