How to Get a Girl Back

You had a wonderful romantic relationship with the girl you love; but now, it has all changed because somehow, that love, bond is no longer present. You chose to break it off with her, no matter what the reasons, and are now feeling immensely nervous as life doesn’t seem complete without her. And that desperation keeps striking back at you, asking you to do something to make it all better again. So how can you it all better? Is there a potion which you can drink that will take the pain away? Or will magic help bring her back in your life? Perhaps there’s something you can do to bring that lost love back. Would you like to find out?

How to Get a Girl Back After You Dump Her

Every unique relationship and the decision to end it will be poles apart. Now at the moment, I really can’t say what is it that happened between you two that made things worse. So I am going to go over some common issues that occur in many relationships and take it from there. Let’s hope I can come close to your situation and help you find the answers for how to get a girlfriend back.

She Broke Up with You for Someone Else
Now whatever be her reasons, your relationship has suffered tremendously. So how can you make it all better? If she broke up with and you feel that there really weren’t any major issues between the two of you, then the reason points towards her being attracted to someone else. This is very common in relationships where the couple doesn’t spend more quality time with one another or has that much in common. So the first thing you need to do is have a heart-to-heart conversation with her. She needs to know that you are missing her terribly (don’t sound pitiful here) and that her existence in your life is irreplaceable. Girls love it when guys are honest and open about their feelings.

Find out if the other guy, whom she’s with right now is good for her or not. If there’s something fishy about this guy, let’s say he’s two timing her or isn’t giving her the respect and love which she deserves, then you definitely need to be the one for her. Don’t let her slip out of your hands. Tell her that you are ready to work on the issues that kept bothering her and you want to make it right. If it hasn’t been that long (your breakup), then chances are that she’s not completely over you and the other guy doesn’t really mean that much to her.

You Broke Up with Her for Someone Else
Well, this is a classic "guy move" and I feel really bad when this happens. Whenever girls become a bit too serious in a relationship and the guy isn’t ready for it, instead of working together, he decides to run for it; that’s such a foul move. And now, for who knows what reason(s), you want her back. Know this - she’s going to be angry with you because you hurt her real bad. Even though she might not be over you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants you back. She is afraid that you might see some prettier or sexier girl and leave her again. And that is why, she will want to keep her distance from you.

What you can do in this situation is to make her believe that you have truly come back to her. This might take some time and she may not trust you completely, but at least she will try. Give her the space she requires; to think about the past and if she does give you a chance, what is it that she wants from you. Anything and everything she asks you to do, do it. No doubts, no questions. If you really want to know how to get a girl back, then be ready to do whatever she asks for because frankly, she deserves it. This is going to be the time when she tests you, makes you jump through hoops. But the point to remember is, after all that (if you pass in her test), you will get her.

You Both Called It Quits
There comes a time in a relationship when a couple mutually decides to end it. Now it might just be that you both did the same thing; but it was in the heat of the moment. You both had a terrible fight, an unsolved misunderstanding, or thought you two have nothing in common. But now the feeling of "wanting her back" is creeping inside you and there’s nothing you can do about it. You wish to speak to her, see her, and touch her again, but all in vain. So now what do we do?

Call her and see if she agrees to meet you somewhere. Go to a public place, a mall or meet for coffee and take this time to open up to her. She needs to know that you are thinking of her all the time. Even though you both are not together at the moment, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Maybe she wants to get back with you as well. You need to clear the air and work on your flaws, misunderstandings, and arguments. Every relationship has them but that doesn’t mean that you keep running away from them all the time. Don’t let her leave still being angry with you. If no decision is made right now, let her go only with sweet and loving thoughts of you. Pay her a romantic compliment and/or remind her of those beautiful times you’ve shared together. All this needs to be at the surface of her thoughts where she can think of you more in a romantic kind of a way. If you follow this tip properly, then and only then can you get your girlfriend back.

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