Fun Activities for High School Students

Fun Activities for High Schoolers

Twenty Questions!
This is an interesting icebreaker activity which helps the participants to know each other well. Frame a questionnaire which has twenty fun questions like "Have you visited more than two foreign countries?" "Do you speak more than three languages?" "Have you ever lied about an important thing to your family?" "Have you ever ridden a horse?". Distribute this questionnaire amongst all the students. As soon as you signal, the students have to approach the others in the group and ask them these questions. When they find a person who has done or knows the things asked in the questionnaire, they have to write their name in front of the question. Give the group about fifteen minutes to complete this activity. After the stipulated time, the one who has the maximum questions answered is declared the winner!

Let's Create Something!
One of the team building activities for high school students is to divide them into groups of five to six each, give them some old newspapers and magazines, charts, markers and painting colors and then ask them to make a collage on their own group's strengths and weaknesses. They can include names of each of the group members and explain his strengths via the collage or they can tell the strengths of the whole group. Give the students about half an hour to complete this high school team building game. After that, the collages are judged on the basis of content and creativity and the winner team is given a prize.

High schoolers are at such a tender age that they often need someone with whom they can talk and discuss various issues in their life. So, you can conduct an activity, at the end of which, you make pairs amongst the high school students who help each other out in times of need, whether in their personal life or with studies. To conduct this activity, have the high schoolers sit in a circle and place various kinds of beads and a bundle of strings in the middle of the circle. When you signal, the high schoolers have to get up, take the beads and the strings and weave bracelets for their buddies. At the end of the activity, you pass around a parcel which has names of all the students in the group in folded chits of paper. One by one, all the students take out the chits and find out who their buddies are. After that, each of them gets up, one by one, and ties the bracelet around the wrist of their buddy.

Painting T-shirts!
Another of the fun activities for high school students, which will also help in spreading awareness in them about the various causes, is to conduct a t-shirt painting contest. Each of the participants is give a plain white t-shirt and some painting colors. They have to paint the t-shirt highlighting some social, environmental, political or economic cause. In the end, the one who paints the most creative and meaningful t-shirt is given a prize.

Today's Special!
On the school's notice board, mark a permanent place wherein it is the duty of the high schoolers to write some interesting trivia on what is special about that particular day. Some of the things that can be included are "famous people born on this day" and "any historical events that took place on this day". Besides this, some famous quotes on positive thinking, confidence and life in general can be included. The high schoolers get to decide amongst themselves who is responsible for filling in this information on a particular day. With this activity, the teachers should make sure that each and every student gets a chance to write on the notice board and that the activity is not just confined to a few students.

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