Breast Development Stages

Female Breast Development Stages

There are different breast development stages in girls which show how the breast grows. The whole process is the part of puberty. As the age of a girl increases, she gets near to the age of becoming a women. Breast development in girls is divided into 5 stages. It starts when the girls are not even aware of this change in their body. Some girls may find it painful and some may think its scary, but whatever it may be, it is a normal process which every girl needs to go through. Following are the stages which will show how a women develops her breast.

Stage 1
Girls under 10 years of age fall under this category. This stage is considered as the preadolescence stage of a girl. There is no growth of breast in this stage. The nipples are seen as just brown buds which are not much prominent. After this stage the girls develop breast whereas the boys have the same stage through their life. Some girls may observe some growth due to the early puberty but usually, it is seen after this age. Those who feel some development, need not worry as its normal.

Stage 2
Girls from 8 to 13 years fall under this stage. This is a stage when a girl enters the puberty age. It is characterized by bud appearance, nipples raised and the areola, the dark part which surrounds the nipples enlarges. In this stage, the tissues start developing and are prominently seen. This growth can be accompanied with pain in breast. The milk duct also develops at this stage. Some girls may develop their breast more than a normal but this is just due to obesity, which results in the early secretion of puberty hormones.

Stage 3
Girls from 12 to 14 years of age fall under this category. This is the adolescent age of a child. A girl usually enters the mensuration period in this age. The breast is seen growing and is more visible. The areola spreads more and the breast starts bulging out. But still the shape of the breast is not achieved. The glandular tissues rises up and the estrogen hormone starts giving bust to the breast. This can be a painful stage for some girls as they may feel pain all the time.

Stage 4
Girls who are of 12 to 15 years of age fall under this category. The breast keeps on growing and a second layer of mound is observe over the breast. Their will be considerable breast pain as the skin stretches and the breast enlarges. This may also result in stretch mark which will diminish with time. At this stage, the girl should start using brassier to prevent breast injury. Bra supports the breast and also gives it a proper shape. Mothers should be more concerned about their daughters at this stage and should try to make them understand every aspect of puberty. They should also explain her to perform breast self exam, which will help her in her later years to prevent breast cancer. The girls who may have not started with their mensuration cycle will start at this stage.

Stage 5
The girls from 14 to 18 years of age fall under this category. This is a stage to achieve matured adult breast. The breast takes its round shape with raised nipples and are grown completely. Although in some girls, complete growth of breast can take place till early twenties. At this stage, the girls will be able to determine their actual size of breast. The last stage may comprise of small lump formations which are the result of complete development of the duct. After this stage, the growth of the breast totally depends on the weight gain and the weight loss of the women which means the fat deposition plays an important role in the formation of bigger breast after this stage.

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